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Tapestry - Parham House

Browsing the Parham House website this afternoon, I came across a blog they'd written about the conservation work I'd undertaken ealier this year, with the help of Flo Collingwood, on one of the tapestries hanging in the Great Hall. The link below (from thier blog) describes the tapestry and the work undertaken. I've added some photos I took during the project to illustrate the work undertaken. I love working at Parham House in the winter; to be left alone in those quiet rooms containing so much history is an enriching experience.

Below: detail of male figure

Below: example of previous darning undertaken in the early to mid twentieth century was left as it was, and couched down invisibly to the backing for support.

Below: 1 of the 30 or more splits that were carefully repaired.

Below: tiny stab stitches were sewn over the bare weft areas to stabilise and prevent further damage. The couching stitches were sewn through to the linen backing for support.

Above: example of large area where work was undertaken. We placed a pin in each area representing 1cmsq so we knew where we'd worked. At the end we took almost 200 pins out.

Above: Flo Collingwood working in the Great Hall - the tapestry was placed concertina style on a large table, we worked section by section (row by row).

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