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About Me

After attending art college I went to work for the family business making hand cut polystyrene shapes, theatre props and exhibition displays. Later I ran my own online shop buying and selling antique & vintage textiles and clothing - my clients included theatre props departments and TV studios, my textiles  were  featured in several national magazines.

.I went on to restore antique textiles and  worked with local museums, stately homes, interior designers and private clients.

Today I spend time experimenting with textiles, and hand embroidery as an artistic medium. I'm currently training as an art therapist and I'm particularly interested in the potential for art embroidery to aid psychological healing, the slow hand movement. and the sensory qualities of thread enable clients to open up while 'doing', getting the benefits of talking therapy with ease while creating a visual , tactile object of their internal world.

My own style of working since the beginning of lockdown  is loose, explorative and instinctual. I'll be uploading recent photos to the gallery soon

Picture of Nettie Rowsell sewing
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