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Restoration & Repairs


I carry out restoration & repair to tapestries, needlework panels, samplers, canvasworks, ecclesiastical embroidery, christening gowns, household linens, lace and other antique/vintage textiles. Stitches that are missing can be matched and replaced, holes and tears can be repaired and made invisible, or conserved to prevent further damage. Needlework seat panels can be extended to fit a new seat. No job is ever the same as the last. The customer’s individual requirements will be discussed in detail before any work is undertaken.




scissors and tape measure


We carry out careful cleaning of antique textiles. Although it is often not advisable to wet clean items of age, dust can be removed with specialist suction tools, brushes, and the appearance and condition can be greatly improved without using liquids. Wet cleaning can be undertaken on items that are stable enough to withstand moisture,  but only if the overall condition will be improved by the process.

Mounting & Re-mounting 

To appreciate your precious textile at its best, the item will need to be suitably mounted for display. Large tapestries and wall hangings can be backed by hand with a suitable fabric that supports the weight of the textile; smaller needlework pieces can be mounted and stretched evenly so the artwork doesn’t shift in its frame.

Where backing fabrics have worn or faded, the original embroidery or appliqué can often be salvaged and restitched on to a new support. Alternatively, a new support can be placed behind the original and held with invisible stitches.

scissors and tape measure
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